eInvoice Info Portal

What is the eInvoice Info Portal?

The eInvoice Info Portal is a web-based application for BMW Group suppliers and partners. Via online access, the application provides increase transparency on the status of your invoices. If required, you can find your respective contact person.

Scope of applications

The eInvoice Info Portal provides BMW partners with relevant information to BMW partners concerning their invoices and purchase orders. 



  • Higher transparency in the invoice and payment process
  • Web-based application with 24/7 accessibility to reports
  • Real-time access to current invoice status




  • Provision of real-time information from the BMW Group financial system, 24 hours a day
  • Reports concerning invoice information, purchase orders and goods receipt / service confirmation
  • Display of their own master data



Coming features

  • Further reports
  • Platform for exchanging forms of invoice verification
  • Display of relevant contact person(s) in the invoice verification department




Users need to be registered on the BMW Group Partner Portal (B2B-Portal) before using the eInvoice Info Portal. After successful onboarding on the eInvoice Info Portal they can log in by using the registered email-address and their password.


Requirements for registration


Functional Support 


Technical Support





In video 1 you can find general information regarding login, my profile, master data management and the use of the info portal.







In video 2 we explain how to use each single report. Furthermore, we are focusing on relevant fields within the reports.

  • Who can apply for access to eInvoice Info Portal?
    Currently all suppliers can apply for access to the eInvoice Info Portal.

  • What is needed to apply for access?
    You need to register as a supplier on the B2B-Portal. Additionally, you need a personal account. If your company is not already registered on the B2B-Portal, you can follow this link to do so:
    In case your company is already registered on the B2B-Portal, but you do not yet have a personal account, please contact your master administrator. If your master administrator is unknown you can also contact us by email referring to the keyword “master administrator” and your supplier ID:

  • What do I have to do next, when I have both requirements?
    Please have a look at the chapter „Tutorial & Trainings“ and watch our two tutorial videos. There we explain how to use the Info Portal and what you need to take into account when using the reports. Afterwards, please send us an email with your 8-digit supplier number and the respective email-addresses you want to use to access the Info Portal:

  • I do have access, but suddenly I get a pop up window stating „Access denied“. How do I proceed in such case?
    In such cases it is usually due to an expired password. Please click here to access the step-by-step-tutorial on how to reset your password.If you still continue to have problems with your access please call the ASZ hotline +49 89 382 55455.

  • I have tried everything, but still have issues and questions. Who can I contact in such case?
    Please send us an email with your question to einvoicing-infoportal@bmwgroup.com. Please be aware that the eInvoice Info Portal Team needs time to reply to your email. You can speed up the process by providing the following information in your email: supplier number, affected email address, despcription of your issue, support topic.


  • I cannot access the link or the website is not displayed correctly, what should I do?
    Please try another browser to login to our eInvoice Info Portal. We support the latest version of Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Additionally you can also delete your current browser cache before logging into the eInvoice Info Portal.


  • I actually tried everything, but it still does not work ...
    Please get in contact with your IT department. If your IT department is also not able to help further, please contact the ASZ hotline under +49 89 382 55455 or per email asz.hotline@bmw.de.