The eDocument Portal is the central exchange platform for VIEWING, RECEIVING and DOWNLOADING documents (invoices, credit notes, etc.) from BMW companies for all customers and retailers.

In addition, partners can conclude new or existing eINVOICE agreements and select or update transmission
formats and channels. 

Access to the eDocument Portal:

You can access the S-GATE portal on the Internet via the following link and then enter your user name and password.

Link: (XX = Market Code)
(Example German DE market =



Applikation issues:

Please contact your local administrator first.
If he/she is unable to help with technical problems, please let him/her create a ticket via Integrated Dealer Support (IT Systems, Portal & Applications -> eDocument Portal).

Administration issues:
In case of issues, e.g. no authorization, no menu entry, please contact your local S-Gate administrator first.
Only he/she is entitled to make any necessary corrections to your personal user profile.

If he/she is unable to help, please let him/her create a ticket via Integrated Dealer Support. 

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